How do you find the SSID number for a wireless router?


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To find the service set identifier number for a wireless router, check for a sticker containing the SSID number on the bottom or side of the router. If there is no sticker, use an Internet-enabled device to find the SSID number in the router's settings.

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The default SSID number is usually printed on a sticker placed on the router, and it is placed under the label SSID or Wireless Network Name. To find the SSID number using router settings, type the IP address of the router in the address bar of any Web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, on an Internet-enabled device. Log in using the username and password of the router, which is usually admin for both, and a setup screen appears.

Search through the setup screen for phrases such as Wireless Network Name or SSID as the exact term varies from router to router. If D-Link manufactured the router, go to Setup and then Wireless Settings to find the SSID number. If it is a Netgear router, go to Basic and then Wireless setting, where the SSID is usually under the label Wireless Network Name. If it is a Belkin router, go to the Wireless tab, and then click on Channel and SSID. If Linksys manufactured the router, go to the Wireless tab, and then click on Basic Wireless Settings.

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