How Do You Find the SSID Number on a Router?


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A Service Set Identifier or SSID, in a router’s options identifies the wireless network when connecting. If you have not changed the default SSID, the SSID number is on a sticker on the router. If you have altered the SSID, look the SSID number in the router’s settings.

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How Do You Find the SSID Number on a Router?
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Older routers often use the brand names as default SSIDs while new devices use unique names. A sticker on the router’s body gives the default SSID. In case you cannot see the sticker, read the instruction manual. You also require the password found on the sticker before connecting to the wireless network.

To find any SSID number, first find the correct address. Use a computer connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. Try to visit, or to get the Web interface address, and if these addresses fail to work, check the router’s manual. After you get the correct address, log in using the administrative password of the router. Once in the interface of the router, visit the wireless settings page to locate the SSID. Although exact directions depend on the model, you should locate a link in the Main Menu or on the Basic Settings of the router.

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