How Do You Find Your SSID Number?


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Finding a network's SSID requires accessing the router's configuration menu by opening a browser and typing "" into the search bar. A dialog box then appears prompting you for your user name and password. Enter the required information to access the configuration menu, where the SSID is visible.

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If you do not have access to the router's user name and password, reset the device to its original factory settings. Resetting the router reverts the device to its default user name and password. Typically, the default user name and password are printed on a sticker or label attached to the router. On older routers, the default information is sometimes found in the router's packaging materials. If the information is not available from either location, default user names and passwords for virtually all common routers are available on the Internet.

A common misconception about SSIDs is that they are the same as network names. Both network names and SSIDs provide a unique form of identification for a network, but a network name functions to help users identify different networks, while an SSID performs a similar function for individual devices using the network. SSIDs are also more sensitive than network names, as knowing a network's SSID allows hackers to intercept and manipulate information passing over the network.

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