How Do You Find an SSID?


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SSIDs are located in a wireless access point's administration panel. The layout of the panel varies depending on the manufacturer and model of the access point.

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Necessary for proper functioning, SSIDs, or Service Set Identifiers, represent the name of a wireless access point. Wireless access points come equipped with a default SSID set by the manufacturer, such as linksys, netgear or default. This setting is located in the device's administration panel, and can be viewed by entering the device's IP address in a web browser and proceeding to the network settings. It best to change the SSID from its default when setting up an access point for the first time, since other nearby devices with the same default SSID can interfere with its operation.

SSIDs are case sensitive, and have a maximum length of 32 characters. Since the SSID is available to all nearby wireless adapters, there should not be any private or identifying information in its name.

Although it is a requirement that a device have an SSID defined, it is not required that the SSID is broadcast. Disabling the SSID adds a layer of security to a home network, as the device does not appear as an available access point to casual observers. In this case, the user must type in the exact SSID in the access client in order to connect.

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