What Is SRS WOW Sound?

SRS Wow technology is a sound-enhancement suite consisting of three different technologies created by SRS Labs for primary use in personal audio devices. The SRS Wow tech can be found in MP3 players, car audio systems and personal computers.

The three systems in the SRS Wow audio suite includes SRS 3D, Focus and TruBass. SRS 3D is a technology that creates a virtual sound area with increased width for headphone listeners. This provides the feel of listening to the audio in a wide open field, instead of having the sound concentrated in a small spot. Focus is a technology for SRS Wow that lifts the sound in car audio systems so that the sound reaches ear level instead of hovering around the waist level where speakers are generally placed. With Focus engaged, the sound creates a larger input, filling the interior of the car more readily. The final technology making up the SRS Wow system is the TruBass application. TruBass enhances the bass in the audio running through the suite, creating the bass notes that the headphones are generally incapable of creating themselves. It does this by tricking the brain into hearing bass from the source material that the headphones aren't actually reproducing.