What Are Some Sprint Wireless Plans?


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Sprint offers individual plans for consumers that have unlimited data, texting and talking features as of 2015. Sprint also provides a 10-gigabyte data plan suitable for a family of two or more people with unlimited texting and talking features.

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As of 2015, Sprint subscribers can either pay $60 or $85 per month depending on if they decide to lease their mobile phones or opt-in for contracts. With the family plan, a consumer can select a data plan with as little as a gigabyte of data to as large as a 60-gigabyte plan suitable for up to ten users. There is also a plan available for those who have tablets or hotspots to access their wireless networks. Subscribers can pay for plans ranging from $10 per month for one gigabyte of data to $30 per month for three gigabytes of data for iPad users.

Another plan is for laptop computers that subscribers can add to their existing service to share data for about $10 extra per month. Also, a consumer can subscribe to a single plan for his or her laptop. These plans offer as little as one gigabyte of data to as much as 60 gigabytes. All plans work only with Sprint configured devices that are CDMA compatible.

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