What Is a Sprint Ringback Tone?

What Is a Sprint Ringback Tone?

A ringback tone, as offered by Sprint and other cell phone carriers, is a tune played for the person calling another person, and it is easily installed on most mobile phones. Instead of the "ringing" sound commonly heard when making a call, callers instead hear snippets of songs.

Sprint gives its customers, for a small monthly fee, an option of installing ringbacks on their phone lines. Once activated, it is easy to use the service.

Step 1: Select tones

From the main menu on the phone, select "Content" or "My Content" then select "Ringback Settings." At this menu, users can select options like "Intro Greeting on/off," "Ringback Tone Service on/off" and "Ringback Tone Default." Sprint also makes it possible to set ringbacks for individual callers.

Step 2: Select people

When in the ringback settings screen, select "Specific Persons" then "Add New Person." This will bring up the option of either adding a contact from the address book, or entering a new name and phone number. When this step is complete, click "Next" then choose a ringback tone and click "Save."

Some features may not be available on all phones. Newer phones with the ringback service allow users to play a jukebox, add groups, block specific users or set special occasion ringbacks.