How Do You Split Cells in Excel?


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To split text into different cells in Microsoft Excel, select the cell or cells that you want to split. Click Data and then Text to Columns, and follow the prompts in the Convert Text to Columns Wizard to split the cells into multiple cells or columns.

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  1. Select the beginning cell or column

    Select the cell or column that contains the text you want to split into multiple cells. Only one column can be selected at a time. Ensure you have enough empty columns to the right of the selected cell so that you don’t overwrite any information.

  2. Launch the Convert Text to Columns Wizard

    Click Data and then Text to Columns to launch the Convert Text to Columns Wizard.

  3. Set your Delimiters

    In the Wizard, click Delimited. Click Next. Check the box next to Space, or, if your text is separated by a comma and a space, check Space and Comma. Uncheck the remaining boxes. The Data preview shows a preview of how your text will be split. Click Next.

  4. Select your new column format

    In Step 3 of the Wizard, choose the desired format of your new columns from the options provided. Repeat for each of the columns in the Data preview window.

  5. Select the cells for pasting

    Use the Collapse button located to the right of the Destination box to collapse the Wizard dialog box. In your Excel workbook, select the cells or columns in which you want to paste your newly split text. Click the Expand button to Expand the Wizard dialog box. Then click Finish to complete the split.

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