How Do You Speed up Your Laptop?

How Do You Speed up Your Laptop?

To speed up a laptop, check hardware sufficiency, clean the desktop, scan for system errors and uninstall programs. Next, defragment the hard drive, reinstall the operating system and adjust visual effects. The exact time the process takes depends on the source of the problem.

  1. Check for sufficient hardware

    The proper hardware is vital to the speed of your laptop. Make necessary updates when possible.

  2. Delete unused desktop icons

    Delete the desktop icons that are not frequently used, because a full desktop interferes with the overall speed of a laptop.

  3. Run scans

    Scan the entire system for errors, viruses, spyware, adware or malware. To increase the laptop's overall speed, follow the software instructions to correct or remove all of the problems that are located with the scan.

  4. Remove unused start up programs

    Go to the control panel, and click on the Add/Remove Programs option. Follow the necessary steps to remove all unused programs. An abundance of unused programs on the hard drive decreases the speed of a laptop.

  5. Adjust visual settings

    If the computer memory is low, adjust the settings of the computer's visual effects to improve performance.

  6. Defragment the hard drive

    Use the system tools to defragment the hard drive. Be sure to back up your files first.

  7. Reinstall the operating system

    When nothing else works, reinstall the entire operating system and the necessary and desired programs.