How Do You Speed up an Internet Connection?


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Some strategies to help speed up a slow Internet connection include troubleshooting hardware, tweaking Wi-Fi settings, turning off or managing programs that hog bandwidth and contacting the Internet service provider. Many factors can account for a slow Internet connection, so it is important to attempt a variety of troubleshooting solutions.

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One of the first steps users should attempt is to troubleshoot the Internet hardware. Resetting both the router and the modem can often fix a slow connection. Check all of the computers using the Internet connection, and see if the speed problem is present on all the machines or just one. If the problem is only found on one computer, the problem is with that computer, not the router or modem.

Adjusting Wi-Fi settings can also help speed up a poor Internet connection. The position of a router, its channel settings and interference from other electronics and appliances can all impede wireless signals and reduce Internet speeds. Other online programs can also cause significant decreases in Internet speed. Watching Netflix, playing online video games and downloading torrent files can all cause major reductions in Internet speed for other users. Finally, if troubleshooting techniques don't increase speed, call the Internet service provider to talk about slow service. Providers can often help users address speed problems caused by issues with the physical Internet connection itself.

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