How Do You Speed up Your Internet Connection?

To speed up your Internet connection, first check your current Internet speed. Next, research the maximum speed in your area. Finally, take specific measures to maximize your Internet speed.

  1. Check your current speed

    You may find your current Internet speed by opening any Web browser and accessing your broadband site. Finally, select "Test Your Broadband Speed," and follow the steps. Another option is to call your Internet service provider and find out what type of service you currently pay for.

  2. Check the maximum speed in your area

    This information should also be found when taking the broadband speed test. After completing the test, the graph should provide information on the maximum speed available in your area.

  3. Increase your Internet speed

    A variety of factors play into Internet speed. If you exceed your monthly download, certain providers may penalize you by slowing down your service. You may maximize your speed by plugging the router into the master telephone socket, avoiding wire extensions, and ensuring all telephone sockets are capped with microfilters. Close any unnecessary background applications, keep your antivirus software current and perform regular checks. Make sure your wireless Internet is protected by a password. You also may need to replace your networking cable.