What Are the Specs of the Surface Pro 2 Stylus?


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The Microsoft Pro Pen stylus works with the Wacom digitizer in Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablets and offers palm blocking sensors and pressure sensitivity. Its pen tip, eraser tip and pen button can work as a traditional stylus, emulate mouse gestures or emulate touch screen gestures.

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The Pro Pen does not work with the Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 tablets. The Surface RT and Surface 2 do not function with this stylus because they do not come equipped with a pen-capable digitizer. The Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 are both equipped with digitizers, but utilize technology from N-trig instead of Wacom. The N-trig digitizers do not work with the Wacom-compatible Pro Pen.

The Pro Pen can be used to take handwritten notes in Microsoft's free OneNote app. Users can combine handwritten and typed input as needed, and OneNote can convert handwritten notes into typed ones. Pro Pens can be calibrated for the user's handwriting, including whether the user is right or left-handed. Speed and sensitivity are also customizable, and the handwriting recognition software learns the user's handwriting over time.

Other features of the Pro Pen are reduced latency compared to other styluses, more precise control and the ability to navigate Windows with pen strokes. These features are intended to emulate the feel of using a pen and paper.

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