What Are the Specs for the Garmin GPS Backup Camera?

Some specifications for the Garmin global positioning system backup camera, particularly the Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera, include a 1/3.7 type complementary metal oxide semi-conductor imaging chip with a resolution of 640 pixels by 480 pixels. The Garmin BC 20 wireless backup camera, meanwhile, features the same specifications for these categories.

A range of Garmin navigation devices can be equipped with Garmin wireless back-up cameras. The camera functions by feeding a video footage directly to the navigator's on-board screen. This enhances rearward visibility and aids drivers in maneuvering their vehicles when in reverse mode.

The BC 30 model is compatible with Garmin GPS devices from the Essential, Advanced and Dezl series, including the Nuvi 55, 56LM, 56LMT, Nuvi 2457LMT and Dezl 570LMT. This camera, which transmits up to a distance of 45 feet, wirelessly sends and receives footage at a rate of 2.4 GHz on the ISM radio band frequency. This ruggedized device also provides 115-degree vertical and 140-degree horizontal viewing angles.

Additionally, the BC 30 camera features toggling capability that allows users to easily switch between map and camera video modes. This device includes an adjustable mount and can be installed on a flat or perpendicular surface on the outside rear of the automobile.

The specifications of the Garmin BC 20 wireless backup camera are generally the same as the BC 30, in terms of camera angle, wireless transmission type and transmission distance. Some of the GPS devices that this camera is designed to work with include the Dezl 760LMT, Dezl 770LMTHD and RV 760LMT.