What Are the Specs for Dell Optiplex GX620?

The Dell OptiPlex GX620 features 512 megabytes of system RAM and a single processor that runs at 800 megahertz. This model also features a single 80-gigabyte hard drive and an integrated graphics card. It comes with a pre-installed Home Edition of Windows XP.

The processor uses the LGA775 Socket and is capable of 64-bit computing. It utilizes the hyper-threading technology, allowing it to simulate multiple CPU cores and perform better in a multi-tasking environment. The motherboard doesn’t feature additional CPU sockets, while the L2 cache of the processor is limited to 1 megabyte.

For system memory, the Dell OptiPlex GX620 uses DDR2 SDRAM that runs at 533 megahertz. The modules are configured as two memory sticks of 256 megabytes each, although users can upgrade the system with additional memory, totaling up to 4 gigabytes. The hard drive uses a SATA interface that features a throughput of 3 gigabits per second, while its speed is capped at 7,200 rotations per minute.

The Dell OptiPlex GX620 uses the Intel GMA 950 card as an integrated graphics solution and an AC ’97 compliant sound card for audio output. The system doesn’t come with a monitor or a floppy drive, but it includes a USB keyboard and a USB optical mouse in addition to an integrated Ethernet controller and a 280-watt power supply unit.