What Are the Specifications of the Dell Optiplex GX260?

The Dell OptiPlex GX260 is a series of desktop computers that offer different configurations. Released in 2002, the GX260 series computers have Intel processors and up to one gigabyte of RAM. Dell designed the computers for corporate use.

Depending on the exact configuration, a Dell OptiPlex GX260 may feature either an Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron processor running at a speed between 1.5 to 2.5 gigahertz. The RAMs run at 200 to 266 megahertz. Although the initial configurations only go up to 1 gigabyte of RAM, customers can upgrade the RAM capacity of a GX260 to hold 2 gigabytes.

The OptiPlex GX260 runs on Intel's 845G chip set. As such, all models come with the integrated AC97 sound card, PCI support and AGP ports for graphics card expansion. Furthermore, the GX260 series computers have six USB ports.

The cases of the GX260 series have one external bay for a floppy drive and another for a CD/DVD drive. Depending on the exact model, the cases can hold either slimlime floppy and CD/DVD drives or larger drives. On the inside, the smaller models have one bay for a 1-inch IDE hard drive whereas the larger mini-tower model can hold two 1-inch IDE hard drives.