What Are Some Sources for Free Christian PowerPoint Templates?

What Are Some Sources for Free Christian PowerPoint Templates?

Sources for free Christian PowerPoint templates include ChristianPPT.com, SlideTeam.net, eBibileTeacher.com and Free-Power-Point-Templates.com, as of 2015. Each site includes a variety of themes and styles for use in different situations along with thumbnail previews of background images and other resources for creating presentations.

ChristianPPT.com concentrates exclusively on Christian PowerPoint templates and instructional resources, such as tutorials and stock images. It offers some specialized Christian templates for use in certain situations, such as prayer sessions or worship events, in addition to a wide selection of general use templates that feature Christian iconography and imagery.

SlideTeam.net includes a section of its sites that focuses on PowerPoint templates for use within a Christian church setting, with each entry on the site offering a title and description that explain the theme of the file. Users can hover over the images on the results page to see large examples of the title page and two general slides, highlighting background images, text formatting and other features.

EBibleTeacher.com includes several different resources to help Christian leaders and educators create digital presentations and other documents. One of its main sections houses a series of different Christian PowerPoint templates, along with additional images to incorporate into an existing presentation.

Free-Power-Point-Templates.com offers Christian PowerPoint templates that have themes ranging from humorous to serious and include illustrations of figures along with traditional iconography.