How Is a Song Sent Through E-Mail?

To send music through email, simply click the attachment icon inside the email and open the folder or source where the song or songs are stored. One can also go directly to the stored location of the song and right click on the file to open the "Send To" option. The "Send To" option allows you to choose e-mail recipients, and opens the default e-mail application.

Each e-mail application provides a size limit of files that can be sent, so when sending several songs, or a song folder, the size of the file must be taken into account or it may not be sent. A compression utility such as WinZip minimizes the files to a smaller size, making it easier to send them to any recipient. If the recipient is unable to receive a .zip file, the extension can be changed, and then changed back by the recipient before opening.

To send music through e-mail from an iTunes library, the option to create a copy of the iTunes library must be chosen. Open the music folder within the iTunes library. Once opened, the quickest method to send a song or list of songs is to right click the file or files and select the "Send To" option, then the e-mail recipient option displayed in the sub menu.