How Does Someone Use a Toshiba Laptop Recovery Disk?

How Does Someone Use a Toshiba Laptop Recovery Disk?

Toshiba laptops made after 2007 no longer use recovery discs, but instead have a hidden partition that is built into the hard disk drive to recover the system. If using a laptop that was made before 2007, then the laptop will have a recovery CD and diskette.

Make sure to backup important data before following these steps.

  1. Turn off the laptop
  2. Hold and press the power button for ten seconds.

  3. Turn the laptop back on, activating recovery mode
  4. Hold and press both the power button and the zero button on the top of the keyboard. Do not use the zero button on the numeric keypad.

  5. Bring up the recovery menu
  6. When Toshiba appears on the screen, release the zero key.

  7. Select the operating system type>
  8. If asked, select if the Operating System uses 32 bit or 64 bit resolution, and then select "Next."

  9. Read the warning, and then continue with system recovery
  10. A warning screen will appear. Select "Yes" to move forward with the system recovery.

  11. Select the factory default recovery
  12. Toshiba Recovery Wizard will appear; make sure to select "Recovery of Factory Default Software" and push "Next."

  13. Verify the recovery mode.
  14. Select "Recover out of box state" and push "Next" again

  15. Start recovery
  16. Acknowledge the last warning and push "Next" to start recovery