How Does Someone Use OneNote?

How Does Someone Use OneNote?

Computer, tablet and smartphone users can use OneNote by opening a Microsoft account, downloading the application and signing in. They can then use the application to make notes that include text, audio, photos or videos.

OneNote is a note-taking application developed by Microsoft. It is included as part of the Microsoft Office 365 package of software; however, users who do not subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 or who use Apple or Android devices can also download and use the application for free.

Users can get started by creating an account with Microsoft. They can then use OneNote online as a web application, or download an application for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Users can access the program across devices to create and manage notes wherever they need them.

To create a new note in OneNote, users can take the following steps.

  1. Tap or click the "New Note," button, the "Create" option or the notepaper icon, depending on the device.
  2. Create a title.
  3. Press return and start typing text
  4. Click or tap anywhere on the page to add text to different parts of the note
  5. Add pictures, video, audio, charts or spreadsheets by clicking the "Insert" tab or by tapping on the mobile device screen and selecting the device's camera or microphone.

Users can access their notes in the "Notebooks" menu of the application. They can group notes into notebooks, section groups, sections, pages and sub pages for easier access.