How Does Someone Sign up for a Free Hotmail Account?


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It is no longer possible to sign up for a free Hotmail account as Hotmail.com has become Live.com; however, a person can sign up for a Live.com e-mail account by visiting signup.live.com and inputting their first name, last name, username (example@live.com), country/region, ZIP code, birth date, gender, phone number and creating a password. There is also a CAPTCHA that must be filled out to ensure that the data reflects a real person and not a bot.

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Creating a new Live account is a simple process and all a person needs is a web browser program, an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device. Live is just like Hotmail and is a free service that offers email accounts. Each email account comes with 5GB of free storage space for received emails, sent emails, files, photos and draft emails.

A Live email account is particularly useful for many people because the same login information used to enter the person's Hotmail email account can be used to access other Microsoft Windows Live services including Calendar, Gallery, OneCare, Messenger, Xbox and Spaces. In this way, the Hotmail account will be the person's Windows Live ID.

The Windows Live ID will need to be a unique ID and if someone else has already taken the ID, then it cannot be used. The Live email will also be country-specific. If the person is in the United States, it will end in .com whereas if the person is living in India, it will end in .in and those living in the United Kingdom will get a .uk for the end of their email address.

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