How Do You Know If Someone's Text Messages Are Meant to Be Flirtatious?

someone-s-text-messages-meant-flirtatious Credit: Dann Tardif/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some signs of text message flirting include frequent messages, attempts to make plans together, general compliments, playful teasing and the use of flirtatious emoticons or emojis. Interpreting flirty behavior through text messages is more difficult than in real life, but these are all common signs.

Someone who initiates contact frequently through text messages may very well be trying to flirt. If a person is sending messages often, particularly making requests to spend time together, this is a common sign of flirting. The mood of a text can be difficult to read, however, so it’s important to distinguish between flirting and friendliness. A classmate asking to borrow a book may not be flirting, but one who wants to set up a study date very well could be.

Just as in real life, someone who is text flirting is likely to compliment a general quality, rather than a specific joke or comment. “That was funny” is more likely to be friendly, while “You’re so funny” is more likely to be flirty. Similarly, someone who is sarcastic may or may not be flirting, while someone who is gently teasing is almost certainly flirting.

Finally, the use of friendly or romantic emoticons and emojis is a fairly clear sign of flirting. Winking or kissing emojis, even if used jokingly, can often indicate romantic interest on the part of the sender.