How Does Someone Rotate a PDF?


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The method of rotating a PDF document varies depending on which program is used, but in the free Acrobat Reader XI software, users can click on the "View" menu and select "Rotate View." This rotates the document 90 degrees in the chosen direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

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Acrobat Reader XI doesn't offer the option to save the document with the new orientation. The more robust, but not free, Acrobat Pro XI enables users to rotate the document and save it so it always comes up with the desired orientation. Acrobat Pro XI owners should use the "Tools" menu, selecting "Pages" and "Rotate." This software enables users to select a single page to rotate, every page in the document or groups of pages such as odd or even ones, before saving the document.

Other options include purchasing software specifically designed to rotate PDF documents, such as PDF Rotator. Some online tools, such as the free Rotate PDF, enable users to upload PDF documents, rotate them, then download them back to their computers. Although the sites should be secure, users shouldn't use them to rotate documents containing sensitive material, just in case.

Mac users also have the option of opening a PDF in Preview 5 by selecting "Tools" and "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right."

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