How does someone look for used cars on TrueCar?


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The TrueCar website features a search bar that can be used to look for secondhand vehicles. TrueCar is an information and technology platform that connects buyers to dealers in a more convenient way.

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TrueCar features over 500,000 used cars available for sale. These vehicles vary in price and model. TrueCar staff analyze millions of local and national pre-owned vehicle listings in order to determine the most affordable and high quality products. Some of the vehicles available through this platform include sedans, minivans, hatchbacks and coupes. To find used cars on TrueCar, do the following.

  1. Enter the TrueCar URL
  2. Enter the TruCar URL on the web browser and let it load the homepage. A casual search through any search engine can also bring up the TrueCar website.

  3. Locate the search bar
  4. On the website, look for the search bar which is located right at the top. The search bar features two boxes with one intended for the model or make of the vehicle while the second box is meant for a ZIP code.

  5. Define the search
  6. Enter the model of the vehicle to be searched for and specify a relevant ZIP code. Other options for refining a search include car price, year of release and type.

  7. Choose a vehicle from the results
  8. After submitting the search query, a list of vehicles is likely to come up. Choose the most appealing and get in touch with the dealer responsible.

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