How Does Someone Find Their Hub Infonet?


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A person can find his hub Infonet at work by going to the homepage of the UPMC computer network and clicking on the My HUB tab on the top left. He can log into the system by entering his user ID and password and clicking the Sign in button. If the person wants to find his hub Infonet at home, he can type the Infonet web address into the address line of his web browser to access the homepage.

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A first-time user has to register into the system to access My Hub services. To register, he has to click on the 'First-time users click here' link. He needs to enter his employee identification number, his social security number and his date of birth. The system then generates a user ID for him and he can create a password of his choice and answer a challenge question for password retrieval purposes.

In case the user forgets his user ID or password, he can still find his hub Infonet by clicking on the 'I forgot my E-Sign-On ID' or 'I forgot my E-Sign-On password' links. Some of the information he has to provide to retrieve his username or password include his date of birth and his social security number. The user must also answer his challenge question.

In case a user cannot find his hub Infonet, even after registering or following the instructions to retrieve his username and password, it could mean that his account is locked. He should contact the ISD help desk for further assistance.

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