How Do You Know If Someone Googled You?

To find out if someone Googled you, use a site such as or At, membership is free. Sign up for an account, and enter basic information such as first and last name and city and state where you reside.

Choose a silhouette to be displayed on your profile, either male or female. Enter an email address, and choose a password. Activate the account by clicking on an activation link sent by email. You can also create a profile that includes additional information such as work history or education.

Once the account is activated, sends an email each time a person searches your name in Google or in any other Internet search engine. Members of can also log on to the account page and track the number of visitors to their page. provides the time of a search, the location and any key words that are used. is an online address book for email that is similar to Ziggs. It enables people to be found and contacted through a Google search without having to reveal contact details. The only information that needs to be made public is name, nationality and gender. A profile page can also contain details such as websites, phone numbers and social media pages, if a person chooses to include them. If someone sends a message through WikiWorldBook, it is forwarded to the email address provided.