How Does Someone Double Space in Word 2007?


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You can double space an entire document or part of an existing document in Word 2007 by selecting the double space button under the formatting tab, selecting the double option in the paragraph window or by highlighting the text and using the paragraph window to double space the text. The steps to double space text in Word 2007 vary slightly between versions.

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The steps below display how to double space in Word 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions.

  1. Double space the entire document
  2. From the "Home" tab in the "Styles" group right click "Normal." Select "Modify" from the drop down menu box and under "Formatting" click the "Double Space" button which looks like three lines and click "OK."

  3. Double space through the paragraph box
  4. Click the "Page Layout" tab and then click the down arrow located in the bottom right corner next to "Paragraph." When the paragraph window appears, make sure it is on the "Indents and Spacing" tab and select the down arrow next to the "Line Spacing" button and select double before clicking "OK."

  5. Double space all or part of an existing document
  6. Highlight the selected text to double space in the document or click "Select All" if modifying the entire existing document. Right click on the highlighted text and click "Format" and then "Paragraph." While on the "Indents and Spacing" tab of the paragraph window click the down arrow next to "Line Spacing" and select "Double" before clicking "OK."

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