How Do You Solve an Audio Problem on an HP Computer?


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Solve an audio problem on an HP computer by checking the settings, testing the devices and restoring drivers. If these steps do not work, it is necessary to install new firmware or restore Windows.

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Start the troubleshooting by performing a simple sound test. Do this by attempting to play different sounds through the control panel. If the sounds cannot be heard, check the volume and mute settings through the volume mixer. Ensure that the mute buttons are off, and move all of the volume controls to high before checking the sound again.

If sound still does not come from the HP computer, test the sound devices on the computer. Open the sound mixer, and ensure the speakers are the default device. If there is still no sound, enable the speakers in the device manager. Find the speakers in the device manager, right click and select Properties. If there are issues with the speakers, the device manager offers suggestions for repair.

If the device is working properly, restore the audio drivers by downloading them from the HP website. It is also possible to update the drivers by using the recovery manager. If the sound still is not working, it is best to use the system restore option, which restores the computer to a time when the sound was operational.

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