What Is the Solution to Exit a Tally Internal Software Exception C0000005?

There are several options to fix a Tally software exception C0000005, including editing the configuration file, changing the screen resolution or removing printers. If the user is unsure what action to take or none of the suggested fixes seems to solve the issue, he or she should contact Tally support for professional assistance.

This software exception error is also defined as a Memory Access Violation, which may cause the user to panic. There are, however, a few simple steps to take to attempt to resolve the error.

  1. Edit the configuration file
  2. The software has a setting which instructs it to load a company automatically. If the company doesn't exist or the file is corrupted, this may cause the error. In the Tally.ini file, found in the directory, simply set the default companies to "no." Save, close and restart Tally.

  3. Change the screen resolution
  4. If not enough colors are used with Tally, there may be errors. For example, the resolution in Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Win7 should be 1,024 x 78 pixels with a 32-bit color quality.

  5. Remove printers
  6. At times, there may be a conflict between Tally and installed printers. Locate the printer installation CDs. Delete all of the configured printers. Try to re-start Tally. If it starts without an error, reinstall only the printers that are used.