What Are Some Free Software Programs for File Recovery?

Some free software programs for file recovery include Recuva, Undelete 360, Wise Data Recovery and PhotoRec, as recommended by TechRadar.com. Other options include Pandora Recovery and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.

Recuva offers a free version of its data recovery application. It allows users to enter file types and locations on the hard drive, and then scans the system based on those parameters. It also offers a deep scan option to locate hard-to-find files.

Undelete 360 is a simple program that lets users select a drive and scan it for any deleted files once stored in that drive. It then pulls up a list of files that users can review to find missing files that were accidentally deleted.

Wise Data Recovery is another basic scanner tool that pulls up deleted files. It consists of a scan button, a recover button and a search feature, which makes it easy for beginners to use, according to TechRepublic.com.

PhotoRec is an extensive free program that can recover files from a variety of devices. It can recover many different file types and even offers an option to restore deleted disc partitions. Its interface resembles DOS and follows a step-by-step format.

Pandora Recovery offers a step-by-step interface that is easy to run. Users can browse for lost files in a folder interface, search for specific files or scan the system for deleted or corrupted files.

EaseUS offers both paid and free versions. The free version can recover up to one gigabyte of data, including lost files and partitions.