What Are Some Software Programs for Electronic Signatures?

What Are Some Software Programs for Electronic Signatures?

Some software programs for electronic signatures include DocuSign, eSign, RightSignature and Sertifi, notes PCWorld.com. These can provide a valid alternative to hand signed documents.

Electronic signature programs provide an alternative to hand-signed paper documents, which is handy in the digital world. Electronic signatures have been legally accepted in the United States since 2000, which the federal government signed the ESIGN Act. E-signatures are also valid in many European Union countries.

Adobe operates the popular E-Sign service, which was formerly known as EchoSign. The company acquired EchoSign in 2011 and integrated it with several of its own products. E-Sign allows users to upload their documents, specify locations for signatures and forward the documents to signees. It also offers options, such as cloud document services and specialized signing requirements tailored to specific countries.

DocuSign is another major service that many global corporations use. Its corporate user base includes Sony, Comcast, Siemens and Yahoo. Users can create an account and access it on any digital device. As is the case with E-Sign, it is easy to upload documents and send them away for signatures.

RightSignature is a budget digital signature service that provides a number of services. Users can choose to upload documents for signing or create a form online. It also includes an iOS application for mobile document access.

Sertifi is a basic option that has a fairly simple interface. However, it does not sacrifice security and still allows users to track signatures.