What Is a Software Programmer?

A software programmer is a person who uses programming languages to write code for software and applications that operate as standalone products or interact with other services and servers. They are in charge of designing, testing and maintaining software systems as part of providing information technology services.

In addition to creating new software, software programmers test existing software with regard to its intended application, find bugs and errors, and modify the software to rectify problems or adapt it for a different use. When working with existing software, software programmers normally seek to integrate it with existing networks. Alternatively, they’re tasked with replacing the entire system with a new software solution based on the specifications that the IT department of a company dictates.

Software programmers work in tandem with designers and analysts to review software systems that their companies are already using and present new ideas regarding potential improvements. After creating new software or applications, they test the functionality in a controlled environment that mimics real situations to ensure that it operates properly when released. During this process, software programmers also create user-centered documentation regarding training and proper use of the software. Software programmers typically focus on creating software that’s primarily intended for sale, such as video games and operating systems, or software that is designed to facilitate business operations for the company that ordered it.