What Free Software Is Available for Copying DVDs?


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Some free software options capable of copying DVDs include CDBurnerXP and AnyBurn. Both provide the option to copy the DVD directly if there are multiple optical drives present or store a temporary image of the DVD on the hard drive, allowing the programs to copy DVDs using only a single drive.

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To copy a DVD using CDBurnerXP, start the program, select the Copy Disc option from the Action Selection screen, and click on the Copy Audio or Copy Data button, depending on the content present on the disc. If using multiple optical drives, select the one containing the DVD you want to copy as the source device, and select the drive containing the empty DVD as the target device. Select the same drive as the source and target device to instruct the program to copy the DVD using an image file. Select the desired burning speed, check the options for disc finalization and buffer protection if necessary, and click Copy Disc.

With AnyBurn, select the Copy Disc task, insert the DVDs, and select the appropriate drives. Unlike CDBurnerXP, AnyBurn uses the Destination Drive instead of the Target Device designation. If both drives are identical, check the box next to the Create Temporary File Before Copying option, and click on the Copy Now button. To ensure that the program copies the data correctly, check the Verify Written Data box. Once the copying process completes, click Close.

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