What Is the Social Networking App Called "Circle"?


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Circle is a social media app for iPhone and Android that allows users to see where their friends and contacts are, providing alerts when people are within a certain distance. It also provides notifications about specific events, sales and other things going on around them.

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Circle uses the GPS function on mobile phones, tablets and other devices to locate its users, thus providing each user information about where all of their contacts are at any given time. This function can be used along with a map to show the exact location of nearby contacts, allowing users to find their friends directly through the app.

Circle is different from Facebook or FourSquare, in that those apps require a user to "check in" at a certain location in order for that location to be passed on to their contacts. Circle always displays a user's location unless they change the settings to offline mode. Using a function known as geofencing, Circle can send notifications to a user whenever any of their contacts comes within a certain distance of the user.

Businesses can also use Circle to offer special deals or sales to customers, alerting the user when they come within a specified distance of any such company that is offering a special for Circle users.

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