What Are Some Social Media Options for Veterans?

What Are Some Social Media Options for Veterans?

Good social media sites for veterans include RallyPoint, Hire a Hero, VetFriends and Together We Served. These sites help users connect with fellow veterans and find mental health services and employment resources.

RallyPoint is a professional network designed for transitioning and current troops. Similar to LinkedIn, it is only available to Department of Defense professionals, retired military personnel and active-duty personnel. The site helps users cultivate professional military networks and find civilian and military career opportunities.

Hire a Hero, which is similar to Indeed.com or Monster, is a good social networking site for veterans seeking employment. Users can search job postings by field, location, job title or company name. Users must provide their names and addresses to verify their military credentials.

VetFriends is a Facebook-style social networking site for active-duty military personnel and veterans. The site helps veterans connect with old friends in the military and welcomes members of the Marines, Air Force and Army. Users can be notified when members of their units join the social network. VetFriends offers a job search feature and is good for sharing photos, jokes and stories.

Together we Served is similar to VetFriends and has dedicated pages for all five branches of the Armed Forces. The site also actively honors the memory of veterans. This is a good social network for veterans who want to look up or preserve their military history.