What Is a Social Intranet Platform?


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A social intranet platform is a network that uses a social software to securely share information from any part of an organization with employees of the organization. A social intranet network consists of information, communication and collaboration.

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What Is a Social Intranet Platform?
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A social intranet platform allows information to flow easily both vertically and horizontally. The employees of the organization can express themselves via articles, comments, status updates or content sharing. This free flow of information within the organization allows knowledge to be spread in a democratic and flexible way.

Through social intranet platforms, communities can be formed within the organization. Online collaborative workspaces on the social intranet platform allows collaborative projects to be performed. In order to do this, software that allows employees to collect, structure, analyze and publish data needs to be incorporated into the social intranet platform. Including business applications and processes into the social intranet platform ensures the participation of every employee.

Social intranet platforms combine the freedom and flexibility of social sites with the structure of portals and collaboration of team sites. A social intranet platform also needs to securely share any part of the organization's information within the organization. This security issue may place restrictions on the sharing by the platform. Moderation may be required for social intranet platforms.

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