What Is an SMS Peeper Activation Code?


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An SMS Peeper activation code is a code that unlocks the full functionality of SMS Peeper, a site that claims to obtain text messages from cellphones. Services such as SMS Peeper are illegal in the United States; it is a federal crime to obtain another person's text messages without consent.

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Intercepting text messages is banned under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986. The only exceptions are for members of government and law enforcement agencies with court orders or warrants, individuals with consent from the text message's recipient, and employers monitoring a company-owned device or account.

The legality of parents intercepting or recording a child's messages varies by state. States and federal court circuits have different laws and rulings regarding parental consent. Parents should always check state and local laws before intercepting or recording a child's messages. In states without restrictive laws, federal law allows wireless companies to refuse to disclose a child's messages to parents.

Use of software such as SMS Peeper carries both civil and criminal penalties, including federal imprisonment for up to five years. Court-ordered damages may include attorney's fees, punitive damages and a cumulative penalty based on the length of time the software was in use.

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