What Is Smarty Ants Reading World?


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Smarty Ants Reading World is a personalized, web-based reading program based on standards used in schools. The program is available for both schools and home use for a fee. Smarty Ants uses authentic literature and interactive games to practice reading skills.

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Smarty Ants for home use provides parents with a way to support their child's reading development. The child does an assessment activity the first time she uses Smarty Ants to determine her reading level. The program is self-paced and based on the child's current reading level.

The school version uses a similar assessment method to place each student on the initial visit. Teachers have access to data based on student performance in the program to determine areas of need. Smarty Ants allows teachers to print stories and download songs for use in the classroom. The program also offers a curriculum guide with extension activities to use with students.

The program focuses on skills and strategies that help a child improve reading skills. Some concepts are phonics, comprehension, fluency and sight words. Smarty Ants also includes vocabulary and writing lessons to supplement the reading instruction. The program allows for student choice when learning new concepts to match each child's learning style.

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