How Do You Link a Smart TV to Your Wireless Network?

How Do You Link a Smart TV to Your Wireless Network?

A Smart TV can be linked to a wireless network through the network section of its menu where users can set the TV's network type to wireless and choose a network to connect with. Users will need to place the television within range of the wireless signal and will need to enter the wireless network's pass code in order to connect.

Some televisions need to be restarted in order for their new wireless connections to be used. Afterward, the connection will be ongoing and automatic.

  1. Open menu
  2. Navigate to the television's menu. Select Wireless as the television's default network type, then select Network Setup and lastly Select a Network.

  3. Select network
  4. Choose the network to which the television will connect. The television will list all available networks in the area, but it can only connect to a wireless network which is unprotected or to which the password is known.

  5. Connect to network
  6. Selecting the network will begin the connection process. The television will pop up a notice when it is finished connecting. Press the Okay notifier and then turn off the television. When the television turns on again it should be connected to the network and each time it is started it should automatically find the network and reconnect to it.