How Do You Get a Small Business Listing on an Online Business Directory?

To get a small business listed in online business directories, find individual business directories and follow the on-screen instructions for each directory. Online directories include, and

Google provides an easy system for adding a small business to its online directory. Go to the business directory page, then search for the business by the business name or address. If it doesn’t come up, Google gives the option of entering the business information. It accepts information such as the business name, type of business, phone number, address and website address.

On Bing, small businesses can claim a listing for the online directory. Bing often has listings for local businesses that the owner has not claimed. Similar to Google, you can start by searching for your business to determine whether you need to claim the business or create a new listing. There is also a bulk upload tool that allows business owners to enter multiple locations for the business.

To enter a business on Yelp, visit its business directory page and enter the business name and address, then click on Get Started. On-screen instructions ask for the various business details. Yelp accepts basic information, as well as features such as whether the establishment operates by delivery or pick-up, whether it is pet-friendly, and whether it is a smoking or non-smoking business.