What Is SM5 SuccessMaker Educational Software?

What Is SM5 SuccessMaker Educational Software?

SM5 SuccessMaker software is the fifth release of an interactive, educational software that adapts to each student's skill levels and abilities. The software is appropriate for at-risk, special education, gifted and English as a second language learners.

SuccessMaker offers instruction in math and reading for grades kindergarten through 12. Instructors assign the program, and students access it online at home or in school. Teachers or the software initially place students at an appropriate grade level. Teachers input the student's actual grade level and ability level.

Once the initial placement is made, SuccessMaker presents learning concepts in a game-like format and monitors students responses. Students learn and are tested on concept mastery before moving to the next concept. If a student does not master the concept, the software presents it in different methods to create better understanding. Lessons are constantly reconfigured to ensure they are not moving too fast or slowly for students' abilities.

SuccessMaker tracks students' progress and presents data to instructors. Teachers view real-time progress on assignments and how SuccessMaker is modifying instruction for individual students. The software predicts the amount of time needed to master each concept and predicts students' success for each concept.

Lessons are presented with appropriate age level material. Remedial or advanced students receive concepts for their current ability level, but concepts are presented in context with their grade level, fostering confidence. To keep students engaged and excited about learning, SuccessMaker recommends three to four 20-minute lessons a week.