What Is a Slide Layout?

A slide layout is the arrangement of all the components that make up a slide in a presentation using a program such as PowerPoint. The slide layout contains information such as text boxes, title or graphics.

Slide layouts use placeholders to hold content like text, movies, sound, clip art, tables and charts. A layout also has the theme of the slide such as the background, fonts, colors and effects.

Many programs such as PowerPoint have standard or built-in slide layouts. Some examples include Title and Content, Two Content, Comparison, Content with Caption and Picture with Caption. If none of these standard layouts are acceptable to the user, he or she can create a custom layout. Doing a custom layout allows one to select his or her own design and content for the slides. Endless combinations of pictures, text, diagrams, screenshots or movies are possible. Slide layouts can be edited and adjusted as necessary prior to finalizing the presentation.

While it may be daunting for a novice, it is not difficult to put together a slide project using slide layouts. Many programs offer tutorials so users can get to know the interface when it comes to making his or her own slide layouts. After inputting the data, the slides are ready for presentation.