Does Skype Cost Money?

skype-cost-money Credit: David Malan/The Image Bank/Getty Images

As of September 2014, selected features of Skype are free, such as making calls to other Skype users. Fees are charged to use some capabilities, such as dialing most mobile and landline phones.

Free calling to other Skype users is available around the world. Someone who plans to communicate frequently with an individual in a different country can save on long-distance costs by conducting voice and video communication over Skype. Group video calls involving up to 25 users at a time are also free, provided that all users connect to the call using Skype and not traditional phones.

As of September 2014, Skype offers two main payment options for paid calls. Skype credit is available to pay for calls in advance. Monthly subscriptions include unlimited calls to specific countries. As an example, one popular package includes unlimited calls to United States and Canadian numbers.