How Does SkyDrive Cloud Storage Work?

OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is a cloud storage service from Microsoft that works by storing files on Microsoft’s servers and providing access to these files from multiple devices using a Microsoft account. Once the files are stored in the cloud, it’s possible to peruse them via a Web browser or directly from the operating system. Direct access only works in Windows 8 and newer versions of the Windows operating system, as of 2015.

OneDrive also provides access via the OneDrive app that works on smartphones running on Windows, Android or iOS operating systems. This interconnectivity allows users to synchronize system settings between computers and mobile devices and lets them share documents with other users through the online version of Microsoft Office. As of 2015, OneDrive provides 15 gigabytes of storage space for free and offers different options to expand the storage capacity, including a referral system, uploading pictures from smartphones or paying a monthly subscription.

Users can access the OneDrive service by navigating to and signing in using a Microsoft account. After a user signs in, OneDrive shows all documents and pictures that are currently stored in the cloud and tied to that account. OneDrive uses its sharing functionality to let multiple users collaborate when working on a single document and access files on different computers running on Windows 7 or a newer version remotely.