What Are Some Situations Where Websites Are Preferred Over Mobile Apps?


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One situation where consumers prefer websites over mobile apps is when booking travel. According to “Desktop Still Dominates Mobile as Travelers’ Preferred Booking Platform,” 69 percent of travelers who book travel on a laptop or desktop spend at least $500. Further, travelers are much more likely to research a trip using a tablet or other mobile device. Other situations where users prefer websites to apps include financial transactions, where a stable data feed is required for uninterrupted service.

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Most consumers know that checking a bank balance on a wired PC is usually faster and more secure than using a mobile device. In some instances of extensive comparison shopping, consumers also prefer to use either the desktop or mobile version of a website rather than relying on retailers’ mobile apps. However, in general, marketing research indicates that overall consumers use mobile apps almost as much as websites (including mobile versions). However, when researching prices, information on sales or getting directions, consumers are more likely to use mobile apps over mobile websites or searching websites on PC because apps are designed to deliver this kind information as soon as they launch.

According to “Satisfaction Lower with Mobile Than PC Websites, May Impact Brand Perception,” statistics show that users’ ratings for retailers’ websites such as Home Depot and Barnes and Noble differ by only about four percentage points. Speed of transaction is a major consideration when consumers choose which to use. For instance, while it may be quicker one day to check a bank balance from a mobile phone, on another radio interference from other wireless devices and WiFi hotspots can slow the app down significantly and eat up data limits.

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