What Sites Have Local Police Reports?


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The official websites of local newspapers and of a state or a city police department, as well as crime-mapping websites, provide local police reports. The local dailies take the information from the police blotter while crime-mapping sites, such as Crime Report, plot police incident reports on interactive maps.

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TDN.com, the official website of The Daily News in Lower Columbia, features an updated Police Blotter section that publishes daily crime reports from the local law enforcement agencies. The blotter report includes the recent crime activity in different areas of Lower Columbia.

Some police departments, such as the Los Angeles Police Department and the Pearland Police Department use interactive crime reports. The PPD utilizes CrimeReports, an online crime-mapping services provider, that plots and provides information of actual crimes. The map uses alphabetical and color-coded markers to identify the type of crime, such as T for theft and A for assault. The report includes the case identifier, the time and date of the crime, description of the charges and the agency that handles the case. CrimeReports includes photos of sexual offenders as well as other useful identifiers, such as the offender's name, race, gender, weight and height. CrimeReports also provides local police reports on other counties, cities or states. Just enter the location in the search box and press enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

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