What Is a Simsimi Online Chat?

Simsimi is an online chatbot created in 2002 by ISMaker. This application utilizes complex artificial intelligence technologies to simulate a conversation with a real person. This application is free to users.

Simsimi is available to users across the world in over 50 languages, though the vast majority of users use English, Korean or Mandarin. According to the program's designers, ISMarker, Simsimi chats with more than one million users per day.

Simsimi distinguishes itself from other online chatbots with its enhanced ability to learn. Users are able to make suggestions to Simsimi on what the appropriate response for a question might be. The application then integrates these user suggestions into it's programming to create a more realistic personality for future users. Since Simsimi's inception in 2002, this feature has contributed significantly to the program's increased realism.

Ironically, one of the biggest criticisms of Simsimi is that its high level of realism and ability to learn new phrases have led to inappropriate responses. Because the program's vocabulary is based in part on previous user's suggestions, Simsimi began to incorporate a small bit of profanity and political criticism into its language. This caused widespread controversy in several areas of the world, namely Thailand.