What Is the Simplest Way to Adjust a Screen Monitor's Brightness?


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Adjusting the brightness on a monitor varies between displays, but many stand-alone monitors have buttons placed on them that adjust the brightness and contrast. Many laptops, such as the MacBook Pro, also have buttons that control for brightness that are placed on the keyboard rather than the screen.

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On MacBook Pros that use the Apple LED Cinema Display, the F1 and F2 keys are used to adjust the screen's brightness. F1 is used to dim the screen and F2 is used to brighten the screen. Other Apple laptops use the F14 key to dim the display and the F15 key to brighten it. On Macs with an ambient light setting, click on the Apple Menu, navigate to System Preferences, click on Displays, select Display, and then select Automatically Adjust Brightness. To select the brightness level manually, click on the Apple Menu, select System Preferences, click on Displays, select Display, and then drag the brightness slider to adjust the brightness level.

In Windows 10, brightness levels are adjusted manually by clicking on the battery icon in the System Tray and selecting Adjust Display Brightness. From there the user may use the slider to adjust Brightness. Adaptive brightness may be turned on or off by clicking on the Start button, selecting Control Panel, selecting System and Security, and then clicking Power Options. Select Change Plan Settings, click Change Advanced Power Settings, expand Display, and then expand Enable Adaptive Brightness to access the On or Off selections.

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