What Is a Simple Way to Speed up Your Computer?


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A simple way to speed up a computer is to remove unneeded software. Another simple and effective method is to change which programs are opened when starting the computer.

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What Is a Simple Way to Speed up Your Computer?
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Many computers are loaded with software that goes unused and only ends up taking up space. Removing this software improves the speed of the computer. This is done by accessing the computer's Control Panel, clicking Programs & Features, then scrolling through the list of installed programs. The programs can either be modified or uninstalled entirely. Some programs are essential for the computer to run properly, and those created by notable manufacturers such as Google and Microsoft are best left alone. Programs that have been installed since the purchase of the computer can often be modified or removed without damaging the computer.

Another option to improve a computer's speed is to change which programs are opened when the computer is launched. This is done by clicking the Start button and typing "msconfig" into the search bar, which opens System Configuration. Clicking the Startup tab in System Configuration displays a list of programs, which are either enabled or disabled when the computer starts. Disabling programs not needed when the computer is launched improves the speed of the computer, as those programs aren't taking up memory by running in the background.

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