What Is a Simple Search on the Internet?

A simple search on the Internet is the use of search engines, such as Google or Ask, to look for information based on keywords. The words that are typed in the search box are called keywords, and should relate directly to the topic one is searching for. Once a search has been initiated, the search engine looks for matches to those keywords within the content stored in its databases, and provides related results.

The use of keywords when searching the internet is often considered an art, though thankfully one that can be mastered through practice. Tips to crafting the perfect search include carefully considering the topic you are searching and creating a concise list of words which best describe that topic. Which search engine one uses can also make a difference, as some have less extensive databases than others.

Additionally, using advanced tools when available, can help to narrow down a search. When unsure as to using a particular search engine's features, there is usually a "help" link for detailed instructions which can also offer other helpful tips and hints on how to get the best search results.