What Are Some Similarities and Differences Between the Samsung Tablet and the IPad?


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As of 2015, one similarity between the iPad and Samsung tablets is that the newest versions are both very thin. However, the iPad is 8 percent thinner, while the Samsung is 3 percent longer and 4 percent wider.

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What Are Some Similarities and Differences Between the Samsung Tablet and the IPad?
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Both the iPad and the Samsung tablets are very light, but the iPad is about 6 percent lighter. The iPad is also made with better or higher-end materials, while the Samsung is made with mostly plastic. Both tablets come in a white or dark gray casing color. However, the iPad also offers a gold casing option.

When it comes to display size, the Samsung tablet has a nearly 10 percent larger screen than an iPad. As for aspect ratios, the iPad has a boxy 4:3 ratio, while the Samsung has an elongated 16:10 ratio. This means the iPad has a great picture in both portrait and landscape positions with an IPS display, while the Samsung is better suited to landscape only and has a 9 percent sharper resolution with an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display. The iPad also includes an anti-reflective coating on the screen that reduces glare by 56 percent.

Both tablets use a fingerprint sensor home button. The iPad's sensor is faster and more user friendly because it only requires the user to rest his finger on the touch ID sensor for a brief moment. Samsung's sensor requires the user to swipe his finger over the sensor. Both tablets allow the sensor to be compatible for specific applications with security measures.

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